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Intervention is an extreme spiritual act of faith for all who are involved, myself included. We have to believe that "love" is a greater power than sickness. Intervention is an action that taps into that power and breaks through the addiction to provide the person with a moment of truth & clarity to receive help."
Types of Intervention Services Available

∑  Traditional Family Intervention: This is where the family is trained, and confronts the person with love and concern in a non-judgmental manner and requests the person to go to treatment.

∑  Gentle Family Intervention: This is where the focus is on the family and how they have been affected by the personís drinking / drug using behavior

∑  Hospital Based: This is when an incident occurred hat required the person to be hospitalized and we effect a seamless transfer to a treatment facility from the hospital.

∑  Involuntary Commitment:  This is when all other efforts have failed and the person is a danger to himself or others and we utilize the court system to assist us in getting the person to treatment.

Trust the process.......what might work......just might work! there are no real volunters!